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Increase margins & address the machinist shortage

JITbase builds on basic CNC machine monitoring by using algorithms to show machinists on the shop floor where to go and when.

Solve the CNC machinist shortage while increasing your machine uptime.

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JITbase works with high precision machine shops.


We maximize machinists’ production efficiency

The Optimal Path System (OPS) is the first ever system that joins scheduling capabilities with live machine data. OPS uses algorithms to guide machinists as they manage multiple CNC machines.

One machinist, more machines

A machinist runs multiple CNC machines at the same time.

Increase machine uptime

OPS calculates when and where a machinist is needed and suggests where to go next to prevent downtime.

More Lights-Out

Analytics help detect opportunities for improvement to CNC programs by increasing Lights-Out sequences

Track OEE and reduce machine downtime

Capture CNC data for live feedback and to see long-term trends

Visualize machine status & alerts on the shop floor

Alerts Supervisors know machine status at a glance and alerts show when the machine has stopped unexpectedly.

Analyze production data

Reports Compare trends over days, weeks, and months to spot inefficiencies, and to develop a strategy to improve.

Track production KPIs

Live dashboard Track the OEE, availability and part count of your machines in real-time.

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Machine monitoring is easy. All CNC machines generate data that can improve performance — if you capture it.

Improve CNC Programs With Actual Production Time Analysis

The CNC Program Optimizer module helps Methods Engineering analyze historical production data in order to align program timing with production reality

Detect recurring problems and flaws in CNC programs

JITbase automatically detects at what stage the waste of time occurs in a specific CNC program.

Find planned stops that are unnecessary or take longer than expected

Based on actual production feedback, analyze planned stops to maximize Lights-Out period with no human intervention.

Detect and reduce unplanned Spring Cuts/Reworks

By automatically detecting tool paths that lead to unplanned spring cuts (also known as reworks or restarts), the Methods Engineering department can adjust parameters to improve CNC programs.

Screenshot showing comparison between estimated and actual machine time

Connected CNC machines perform better

Your existing machines can connect to IIoT smart technology

Enhance your CNC machine with IIoT

In less than an hour, JITbase connects a CNC machine to capture data using standard protocols such as MTConnect, FOCAS, OPC UA.

Accessible, secure & up-to-date

JITbase is a web service with all the advantages of the cloud, accessible from smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

API for flexible integrations

Your data is yours. Use our API to integrate with your existing systems, such as an ERP or MES, or to build custom reports using a data-visualisation platform like Power BI.

Optimal decision making with AI

Optimal Path System (OPS) analyses CNC data using operational-research algorithms to guide the machinist on the shop floor. This “GPS for the operator” makes a junior employee perform at the level of an experienced machinist.

Operators using Jitbase at a workstation

Standard communication protocols

JITbase connects to all standard communication protocols for CNC controllers

Logos of standard communication protocols for CNC machines

“All machine-monitoring solutions out there show you how bad your production is. OPS is the tool to improve it.”

Kyryll Zaytsev, continuous improvement manager at Leesta
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It takes less than an hour to connect to a CNC machine.
Empower your machinists with real-time insight on the shop floor.