JITbase provides different plans according to your needs. Pricing includes unlimited users, all software updates and help desk support. A discount may apply for volume or long term contracts.

The features of the Standard and Premium plans are unique on the market. If you already have a machine monitoring system or MES installed, JITbase can use your machine data to provide the features as an Add-on.

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Free forever


Free Machine Monitoring

Automatic data tracking for 5 machines:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Machine Uptime & OEE
  • Downtime Reasons
  • Production KPI Reports for last 4 weeks
  • Timelines
  • Partcount tracking
  • Excel Export
$ 80 USD




Automatic data tracking with unlimited storage:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Machine Uptime & OEE
  • Downtime Reasons
  • Production KPI Reports
  • Timelines
  • Partcount tracking
  • Excel Export
$ 130 USD




All in Basic plus:

  • CNC Program standard times
  • Tool path & M00 tracking
  • Performance tracking:
    • Program
    • Setup
    • Part Changeover
  • Overtime Reasons
  • Supervisor View
$ 180 USD



Planning & Workforce Management

All in Standard plus:

  • Operator View
  • Production Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
    • Production scheduling
    • Operator Workload
    • Operator Allocation
  • Live Job and Work Order tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer monthly plans with no commitment. You may stop at any time. We are confident that we deliver high value with an important ROI, so we don’t have to lock you in with a long-term contract. Some of our customers decide to go with a long-term contract in order to lower the price of the monthly subscription.

You can connect up to five machines for free forever. To try out our Program Monitoring and Scheduling & Workforce Management plans, you can select a limited number of machines with the monthly subscription. 

Yes, the monthly subscription may be less expensive if you have volume.

Users are unlimited. 

The subscription includes unlimited access to your JITbase environment, unlimited users, secured Microsoft Azure hosting, all software updates, access to our API, data export and help desk support. In a word, everything is included.

Additional questions? Go to our complete FAQ