100% of CNC shops plan production and daily operations in Excel.

We're about to change that with our Advanced Planning and Scheduling system (APS) and our Labour Management system (LMS).

JITbase software interface displaying the production planning and scheduling tool

JITbase collects data on the workforce that no one else has

Unlike traditional CNC Machine Monitoring Systems that track production metrics, JITbase exploits machine data to address the machinist shortage and make the workforce 25% more efficient by feeding this data into our Advanced Planning and Scheduling system and our Labour Management system (LMS).

Operator in front of a CNC machine looking at JITbase interface. The system knows her expected workload in the shift and the interventions to perform.
JITbase interface showing the list of CNC operators with their expected workload in the shift

Operator Workload and Labour Management

is there a shortage of CNC machinists?

Lack of human resources are the new bottleneck. Instead of allocating operators on a limited number of machines next to one another, JITbase's Labour Management system (LMS) helps supervisors create a manufacturing production schedule and  allocate operators based on their workload in the shift. Operators manage more machines while being more efficient.

JITbase software interface displaying the summary of manual interventions on CNC machines for one operator to help schedule the workforce

Advanced Workforce Planning and Scheduling

JITbase is also a WFM planning and scheduling software that takes the human factor into account by predicting the number of manual tasks in the shift: number of setups, number of part changeovers, number of M00, number of quality controls, etc. Using a live planning tool Supervisors can create a manufacturing production schedule and make informed decisions on operator allocation thanks to key information provided by JITbase.

Case where an operator is overloaded and another is under-loaded. JITbase helps harmonize the workload

Harmonized workload for improved efficiency

Based on operator workloads, supervisors can better plan human resources on machines with our Labour Management system and live planning tool in order to maximize their efficiency.

JITbase helps:

  • Find programs or jobs that can be managed together
  • Detect overload situations that can impact performance
  • Conversely, detect underload situations where an operator can manage more machines

The output is a harmonized workload among operators and more machines managed by a single operator.  JITbase is a complete CNC machine monitoring solution and advanced planning system that helps alleviate the machinist shortage.

Live Job Tracking

JITbase ensures On Time Delivery (OTD) by using CNC machines monitoring and productivity,  tracking the progress of work orders and by updating the Expected completion date in real-time.

It helps to:

  • Plan and schedule production by knowing when each machine will be available
  • Adjust the production plan if the Expected Completion time is not aligned with the deadline
CNC machine with illustration behind it representing the live job advancement with Expected completion date
Production Planning and Scheduling in JITbase software interface

Production Planning and Scheduling

Based on live job progress and standard times thanks to CNC monitoring, JITbase predicts completion times. Supervisors can play different scenarios such as opening/closing a shift, or assign overtime to ensure that deadlines are met.

In environments where priorities change rapidly due to constant new emergencies, JITbase designed an easy-to-use advanced planning system  with drag-and-drop capabilities to help Supervisors adapt in real-time.

Examples of historical production data in JITbase

Gain key insights from past productions

Should you run the program on Machine A or Machine B? Which Operator should run it?

Using CNC Machine data collection, JITbase's advanced planning and scheduling continuously learns from your productions: supervisors have access to past performances by machine and the information about which operator was in charge, which helps supervisors make better decisions in the production plan.

Operator knows about the next intervention thanks to JITbase

Live guidance for Operators

Thanks to our Workforce Planning and Scheduling tool, operators manage more machines. It becomes crucial to tell them when they are needed on each machine.

Tracking the program advancement in real time using CNC machine data collection, JITbase knows when the machine will reach the next stoppage. Adding a display on each machine, Operators can navigate from one CNC machine to the other, knowing when they are required for a manual intervention. 

Being proactive not only makes them more efficient, it removes stress and makes their life easier all while minimizing the impacts of the machinist shortage.

JITbase software interface displaying key performance indicators (KPI) in real-time of the production on 3 CNC machines

Live production KPIs for Supervisors

Unlike CNC Machine Monitoring Systems that only display live status and machine utilization, JITbase tracks:

  • Parts completed vs. Shift Objective
  • Live shift progress in %
  • Performance of the shift
  • Remaining time to complete the Shift Objective (based on standard times)

Supervisors understand at a glance whether the production is going well or if a corrective action needs to be taken.

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