Factory of the future with CNC machines connected to JITbase

Edge Platform

Use JITbase Gateway to manage the data flow from your machines to your own database. Manage & control your internal infrastructure and develop your own BI applications

JITbase Edge Platform Diagram. The JITbase gateway can send machine data to a local database or private cloud database.

Manage your own infrastructure

JITbase Edge is an easy to install self-serve solution that allows you to send machine data to your own database, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Step 1

Install JITbase
Gateway in about 30

Installed on your machine network, the gateway will access any machine connected to the network. The goal of the gateway is to access raw machine data and to send it into a database.

Step 2

Add machines

Add machines by adding their IP address and port into the Edge Platform. We offer drivers for standard protocols such as MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS or OPC-UA. Legacy machines can be connected by using an I/O box that converts electrical signals into MTConnect.

Step 3

Direct to your own Database

JITbase gateway is agnostic and can send raw data to a local database or a private cloud database. JITbase can also compile metrics such as the machine utilization, so that you have access right away to the relevant information without having to code anything.

CNC Machines connected with JITbase. JITbase sends the data to a local database or a private cloud

Machine data to local server

While JITbase is a cloud-based solution, you can benefit from our Edge infrastructure alone, without using JITbase applications. Hence data is not sent to our secured cloud and you keep full control over your data.

Communication protocols for CNC machines: OPC-UA, Fanuc FOCAS and MTConnect

Drivers for standard protocols

JITbase has proprietary drivers to communicate with any CNC machine with standard communication protocols, such as MTConnect, OPC-UA or Fanuc FOCAS. These protocols are used by most machine-makers. This include machines like Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, Matsuura, as well as machines using Fanuc, Mitsubishi or Siemens controllers. 

Go to Machines we connect to find out how to connect your machines.


The strength of Industry 4.0 is the interconnection of systems. JITbase provides an API to send data to or to receive data from your existing systems.


  • Send machine data to ERP or MES
  • Automate job completion
  • Automate inventory
  • Automate setup or production clock-in and clock-out
  • and much more... 

Planning or APS

  • Send jobs to plan to JITbase for daily scheduling
  • Use JITbase to send real-time operation progress and/or completion to APS to reschedule optimal planning


Send machine data to Power BI (or other BI tools) to build and visualize:

  • Custom dashboards
  • Custom reports
Cover of the Integration use case in the Manufacturing Software Ecosystem

JITbase collects data on the workforce that no other solution on the market can provide. Benefit from this data by integrating JITbase into your current software infrastructure.

Download our Integration case study to better understand how JITbase and conventional Machine Monitoring Systems can be interconnected in the full manufacturing technology stack.