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Get ahead of the competition with the JITbase IIoT solution.

It’s secure, easy to install and compatible with existing solutions. Collect your CNC machine data and increase machine uptime.

Easy installation that does not stop production

Connected in about an hour

JITbase takes care of the entire 1-hour installation. Our IIoT implementation does not require any resources from your side and does not slow down production.

Data capture begins immediately

We connect our Databridge device (about the size of a smartphone) to your CNC machine via ethernet (preferred) or serial. We support standard communication protocols such as MTConnect, FOCAS and OPC UA.

The JITbase Databridge is easily connected to CNC machines, providing a quick path to Industry 4.0
Easy to install without shutting down the CNC machine.
Encryption schema for JITbase data storage using Microsoft Azure. Your data is secured with IIoT technology.
Encrypted data and secure storage

Cyber security

We know your data is highly confidential. Our cloud-based solution benefits from all the Microsoft Azure security features. Azure is one of the top cloud hosting service in the world.

  • Banking-level security to protect and backup data
  • Flexible access required by Industry 4.0
  • Up-to-date — no more expensive and painful upgrades every five years. You always have the latest version.
  • Read-only. JITbase can not interfere with your current system in any way.

Access your data on multiple devices

Flexible and modern

View your dashboard, reports, optimal path on any device. At home, in the office or on the shop floor, access all your data over an internet connection.

JITbase dashboard showing CNC machine monitoring on a TV, computer or tablet screen
TV screen, computer, tablet, phone… each device can access the same information, whenever and wherever you need it.

Already on the path to Industry 4.0?

JITbase API schema showing the integration of CNC machine monitoring with existing software such as an ERP or MES
JITbase is made to work with your existing systems

ERP and MES systems

JITbase works on its own, but can also talk to your ERP, MES and other systems, thanks to our API.

Production data collected by JITbase can be sent to your ERP or MES to centralize all the data.

Power BI

Raw machine data collected by JITbase can be sent to your Power BI environment to create customized dashboards & reports.

AI takes your data further

Data capture is a first step. The JITbase Optimal Path System feeds this data into smart algorithms to provide a look into the future and increase productivity.

Human intuition has limits

A machinist instinctively goes to the first machine that stops, but this is not always optimal. OPS uses operation research algorithms in order to reduce machine idle time and minimize total production time.

Timeline of machinist activities prioritized by the JITbase Optimal Path System (OPS)
OPS analyses captured data and applies a few rules of logic to then show the status machines should have throughout the shift. OPS knows a machinist can only be one place at a time, so it suggests where to go and when, in order to keep machines running at maximum uptime.

Operational Research?

Operational research (OR) is a discipline that deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. OR arrives at optimal or near-optimal solution to complex decision-making problems.

Standard communication protocols

JITbase connects to all standard communication protocols for CNC controllers

Logos of standard communication protocols for CNC machines

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