JITbase has launched a free, self-serve version of our CNC Machine Monitoring software.

Is it Really Free?

It is 100% free for up to 5 machines. 

You will have access to all conventional features of machine monitoring

What you get:

✅ Up to 5 Machines Connected for Free
✅ Live Dashboard
✅ Machine Uptime & OEE
✅ Downtime Reasons
✅ 4 Weeks of Production KPI Reports
✅ Timelines
✅ Part count tracking
✅ Export to excel

Why are you offering it for free?

We believe that acquiring real-time machine data and monitoring OEE are fundamental necessities for any modern manufacturing company today.

While our competitors in the Machine Monitoring and MES space only provide these basic features, JITbase goes beyond traditional OEE and downtime tracking by using machine data for live planning, production scheduling and labor management. 

While our unique value proposition will help you reach new levels of productivity and workforce efficiency with a tangible payback, Machine Monitoring will only help you to understand your current level of productivity.

For these reasons, we are pleased to launch and give you access to the first free machine monitoring software on the market!

Consult our white papers and case studies to see how we’ve helped existing customers eliminate waste, overcome the machinist shortage, and improve their OEE.


Is it easy to install?

If your machines are connected to your network and are data ready with MTConnect or another standard communication protocol installed, then the setup process as as easy as 1… 2… and that’s it! It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Try by yourself by creating your account:

1. Install the JITbase Gateway on your CNC Machine Network

Once you have created your account you will need to install our Gateway on your network in order to transmit your machine data to our cloud servers. Follow these series of videos to see how to install the JITbase Gateway.  A virtualization software is required:

  • Microsoft Hyper V
  • Virtual Box (version 6)
  • VMWare

2. Connecting your machines

Once you have installed your Gateway, the next step is to connect your machines. Follow this guide to add your machines into JITbase.


Good to Know

No GCODE data is transmitted to our cloud servers. The only information required to run JITbase is:
  • Name of the program
  • Tool changes
  • M00s
  • Part counts
  • Execution state (active, stopped, interrupted, etc.)


JITbase launched both the first free and self-served machine monitoring system on the market.
Not only it is totally free up to 5 machines, you can also create an account by yourself from our website and follow the steps to start collecting data from your machines.
We do this because JITbase is revolutionizing the market by using machine data not only for tracking machine downtime and OEE, but also for production planning and scheduling, labor management and CNC program improvement.
As a result, for us it is natural to provide the basics that are quite easy to implement for free.
Click here to start now: